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Default Re: Is this the right way to shed light on Hookah in college?!

Originally Posted by Kelsey View Post
Ok well just because you lot don't seem to have any craving doesn't mean others don't.
I smoked every day for 5 days and the whole next week I was dying to fire up a hookah.
Are you calling me a liar?

And if you're not really addicted and you smoke 3,4 or 5 bowls a day as some people have said then you need to get a life or at least some other hobbies.
Um... No I'm not addicted. Thanks for trying though! I don't see how you would be "addicted" after 5 days of one bowl a day anyway.You might JUST have an addictive personality, or maybe just lack of self control but you are in the minority.

(I don't even think if you had a cigarette a day for 5 days you'd be hooked!)

As for people who smoke 3,4,5 bowls a day... What do you mean we need to get a life? Um.. say what!?! o.O I work 40 hours a week, PLUS take care of my house, my husband and our 3 pets.

I also have hobbies other than hookah. I play my xbox360, I knit, I make jewelry, I sew, I paint, I scrapbook. Now please tell me I need more hobbies because my husband thinks my house is full of enough junk aka "my hobby items". Most of which can be done WHILE smoking my hookah. Now doesn't that just blow your mind!?

Originally Posted by BIGPOPPA View Post
Kelsey what is your issue with people and smoking hookah? Im getting a little tired of seeing you berating members because of how many times they smoke a day or week etc. Ive seen your posts basically bashing hookah smoking. So are you here to enjoy hookah with the rest of us or are you here to promote some kind of hidden anti smoking agenda?

A big +1 to BP. Please care to elaborate Kelsey? Or are you just going to troll some more?
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