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Default Re: Is this the right way to shed light on Hookah in college?!

Originally Posted by HookahWaffle View Post

Addiction has far more involved within the brain than nicotine.
While I do mostly agree with that, addiction also stems from a physical dependency on a substance, in this case nicotine, my cousin smoked a pack a day and would occasionally chew and when he tried to go cold turkey he would randomly pass out and/or vomit, that's a nicotine withdrawal, now when it comes to hookah. To reach the dependency that my cousin had built I think you would need to smoke hookah almost non-stop all day. So when it comes to hookah I think the "addiction" is to the act of smoking not the shisha, especially since I can quench my "hookah craving" with herbal shisha which has no nocotine, at least the stuff I buy.
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