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Default my recent orders.

F100-6 Pack Hookah Freak 6 Assorted 100g Jars Options: Blend 1: Apple Jax Blend 2: Blueberry Pancakes Blend 3: Peppermint Schnapps Blend 4: The Dude Blend 5: X-Tasty Blend 6: Freaks's Choice $29.50 1 $29.50 HT250x3 HookaH-HookaH 3 Assorted 250g Jars Options: Flavor 1: Blackberry Flavor 2: Spearmint Flavor 3: Blueberry $22.50 1 $22.50 Subtotal: $52.00 Shipping cost: $8.91 Total: $60.91

M5_2 Sahara Hookah - Cyclone Options: Hose: 2 Hose Hookah
Color: White & Orange
Metal Windcover: YES
360 Stand: NO
Hookah Bowl: Ceramic Bowl Red
Extra Accessories: Stem Plugs
HookaH-HookaH 50g Jar 1: Menthol
HookaH-HookaH 50g Jar 2: Vanilla
HookaH-HookaH 50g Jar 3: Raspberry $84.15 1 $84.15 A360a Sahara 360 Rotating Stand $0.00 1 $0.00 A12 Metal Charcoal Screens (Set of 3) $1.75 3 $5.25 SG-3 Small Sahara Genie Dicro Vase $15.95 1 $15.95 Subtotal: $105.35 Shipping cost: $0.00 Total: $105.35

================================================== ====================
SKU bto-hose-nammor
PRODUCT Nammor Hookah Hose
Choose Nammor Hose Color...: black
PRICE $23.95 $23.95


Subtotal: $23.95
Shipping Charges: $7.27
Total: $31.22
Order ID: 76

Order content:

Starbuzz Tobacco 100G(Exotic Strawberry) (x1): USD 10.90
Starbuzz Tobacco 100G(Exotic Orange) (x1): USD 10.90
Starbuzz Tobacco 100G(Exotic Irish Cream) (x1): USD 10.90
Al Falker 50g(Mint) (x1): USD 2.45
Pharohs Tobacco 250G(Cherry Cola) (x1): USD 12.00
Exotica Coals Sample pack (x1): USD 3.00

i will never order another hookah from sahara smoke. these are junk stems. mine fell apart 3 days after getting it. the small sase i ordered was a peice too. but the customer service is decent they are sending me a new vase stem and some other lilttle ethings to make up for it.. i just hope this stem stays together. i got my star buzz today. and it makes my HH seem like crap lol. well thats my orders from the last month.. i cant wait to get my nammor hose... i hear they are pimp
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