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Default Re: okay okay, i know this gets posted daily but....

You know you want it !!!

With multi-hose Nargile's after a while u start to think atleast I did if a single hose would smoke better etc I dunno it just creeps up in ur mind.
Mine is a King Tut 4 hose 2 holes are 90% of the time blocked the other two ports are used with two hoses in even when I am smoking alone becoz it doesnt have a auto seal chamber, so I gotta seal the hose with my thumb while I am pulling and same smoking with other ppl. Gets annoying. Get a nice decent 1 hose in my opinion gets rid of the what ifs in your head etc ! I am going to get a silk butterfly or something similiar to the one above its a sexy sexy Nargile! Hope that helps !

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