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Default Re: thinking about turning my garage into a smoke/chill zone

Hmm. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I think i'm gonna continue with my plans now lol.

Its a pretty big shed, with the whole garage door car port thing. The regular door knob is broken (its kind of a pain just getting in actually) but i think i might buy a new one sometime this week.

It can get REAL hot in the summer and its pretty cold right now. My dad installed a wood stove which i might use but i'm not too sure (don't really have any wood lying around.)

There are a ton of like, spare entertainment stuff outside. We have a pretty much complete stereo system (actual stereo is like 10+ years old, the speakers are pretty new and really good. and a big sub too). We have an old 52 inch projection tv which is broke and maybe i'll get that fixed. My mom is getting a projector screen for free (someone marked on it) so i guess she might also get a projector (which i think is backwards).. also we have a fridge and deep freezer, no sink/water..

The thing is, there is an upstairs area.. sort of like an attic i guess. But there is only this kind of rickety wood ladder to get up there... so a lot of the stuff i want to put upstairs isn't exactly easy to put up there

oh yeah, and no internet.. years ago when they hooked up the cable here they gave us a bunch of wire so we could hook up the garage later if we wanted.. i dunno if that'll cost extra or how it works.. i may call when i'm done cleaning
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