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Default Re: Starbuzz sampler

I want a GOOD peach & strawberry.... I didn't like the reviews I've read about AF's Golden Strawberry and their Peach isn't out yet.

Sambooka said something about a Havana Peach that's good, but I can't find it.

I like the Look of the AQ Strawberry, but $15 for a 250g of something I've never had seems almost as bad as Starbuzz.

I liked both Layalina's Peach and Rommans Peach, but Rommans is as bad as Starbuzz in price and Lay's was slightly weak in flavor.

The only reason I was considering Starbuzz is I've NEVER had any - I have no idea what t's like, thus the 100g sample packs.

I'm almost to the point of saying screw it and just getting Tangier's - but I have a good chunk of it already and wanted something different I don't have/haven't tried.


Maybe I'll just make him WAIT and pay me in cash - that way I can use it toward my new hookah....
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