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Default Re: okay okay, i know this gets posted daily but....

Originally Posted by Sleepdeprived12 View Post
I'm really confused , on my sahara I have it set up for three hoses and I just keep it that way, they all have ball bearings so if there isn't a hose in it no big deal, at least I thought, am I missing something?
That's because the modern hookahs have the autoseal in the hose port, while egyptian is a straight, no obstruction pipe, which imo is better, you don't have the convenience of leaving the hose unplugged on a multi hose egyptian, but the draw, as well as purge are easier.

Originally Posted by ariberns View Post
Get a single hose km, if you absolutely need a multi hose get a mya, the km is the best but the Mya designed their multi hose hookahs to easily transform from 1-4 hoses in minutes
I'd advise against this, mya's are nice chinese hookahs, but they'll always be subpar to any well made egyptian.

A 2 hose hookah imo is the absolute max for any multi hose. I have a 2 hose km and a 2 hose egyptian, both work great, both purge great, I use a rubber stopper for those lonely sessions and 2 hoses for whenever I have friends over (all learned to plug a hose when not in use).
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