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Default Exotica coals help!

Hey everyone,

I know there's a fair amount of exotica users out there so I'm hoping y'all can help me out.

The local mini mart sells 1kg boxes of the new exotica fingers(with the pre cut scores) for 5$. They have the potential to be my new favorite and numerber 1 coal and for almost half the price I've seen any where else, it's almost somethng I can't pass up. My one gripe about them is they ash so finely that it falls in the bowl :/ not alot alot, but enough. Also I heard that they take in mosture which can cause the splitting. Any ideas on how to dry them out if that happens? Because they're so cheap and a really awesome coal over all, I'm gunna go all out on making them be perfect. and the burn at a temp the makes it a bit easier to ma age the heat. It's just them pesky ashes.

Anyone any tips?

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