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Default Well it is handmade...

I grow tired of threads with KMs with tons of messy welds, dents, bends and other ascetically ugly mistakes, with new owners confused as to why this 'tip top' brand is selling these stylishly hideous hookahs. Sure it's handmade, but does that really justify poor quality?
"But if it smokes well why should you complain?" Because I don't have a talking taco that walks around crapping money and I expect more money to be directly proportional to more quality.
"Don't get a KM then" It's hard to not believe what others say after hearing it hundreds of times. Whenever a thread comes up about "what hookah should I get/How long will this one last" They always have numerous responses spouting KM quality and pride.
Sorry for the rant it is just getting annoying seeing these posts about handmade quality. I just thought artisans of the craft would have higher standards, and I bet Santino(Crownhookahs) does not send out bowls that are not level, or mouth tips that aren't straight (besides the ones that are supposed to be curved :X)
Also I love my KM, even it it isn't perfect.
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