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Default What makes a good quality hookah ?

ok, my name is Shane, im new to the site and to hookah as well. I've smoked for a couple of months from my friends hookah when we would hang out. So i decided to get my own and my brother in law actually, while deployed over seas sent me a small 2 hose hookah. However I dont know the brand or type of hookah it is. It's about 10 inch tall. But after 4 uses it now wont produce any smoke. I set it up correctly and everything and no dice. (good thing i didnt buy it :P)
So with my craving for hookah, I ordered a new 40" XL Blue Egyptian Hookah

and hoping I wont have the same problem. It was a 120$ hookah that i got discounted from and im wondering what makes a quality hookah ?
The pricier the better ? The Brand ? Handmade or not ? I just want a reliable hookah that produces nice smoke clouds without having to really spend to much money.

I've read reviews about the mini mya hookahs (18,19") and did not see one bad review on and that is gonna be my back up in case my new one sucks lol.

Any tips or information would be greatly appreciated.
40" XL Blue Egyptian Caramana Hookah, 18" Blue Mini Mya Hookah, 10" Black Pumpkin Hookah (2 Hose)

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