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Default Re: What makes a good quality hookah ?

Also, for a shorter version of the above, heres a list I made for someone who was looking to hand-select a hookah. Good things to watch for or ask about.

Originally Posted by Hookahwaffle
Find out what the hookah is made of, most are commonly made of Stainless Steel or Brass.

Are the welds clean ? You might notice some welding spots, but do you notice any bubbling, holes, or extremely unclean welding ?

How large is the diameter of the downstem ? (3/8 - 7/8 of an inch)

Does the stem sit well and seal with the base ? Make sure the grommet is snug and the stem doesnt flop around.

Is the glass a decent size ? Will the hookah stand up comfortably without wobbling.

Can the vase hold a sizeable amount of water ?

Does the vase have a large number of Bubbling or one or two LARGE bubbles? Hand blown glass frequently has imperfections, make sure they arn't at critical spots that bear the weight of the hookah, such as the bottom rim or close to the top opening. Those are the major pressure points on the vase.

How far down the vase does the stem sit ? You want about an inch of space between the bottom of the stem and the bottom of the vase.

Traditional Chamber or Common Chamber ? (Traditional is better, one port for purge, one port per hose)

Those should help you find something that's decent without having to smoke it.
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