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Default Re: Southern Cali Meetups

I am down to drive to hunnington, long , riverside etc and cafe O is pretty good man, like I said the meetup sounds good hatter, just let me know the day and I will see, my schedule for work is a bit lame but sund-mon thurs friday. then tues- wed and saturday are off, plus our days I work are 14+ hour days. There are quite a few of us that are close around, today I just met up with zeal me and jusuravragecrkr (lives down the road) met up and smoked, it was relaxing. The Valley has some nice spots, the Spot is a decent place but Hookah Source has the "ghetto feel but relaxed nice spot feel, just no food service. but cafe o and empire are very nice.

I am willing to have more sessions and or just do reviews or have a good time. Sooner when it warms up I can get the streetbike out more.
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