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Default Re: Well it is handmade...

Originally Posted by DRMALIKIA View Post
. Ultimately if we, the community, do not stop buying them, they will continue to produce crap. I do not care if it smokes like an old wood burning steam train. If it looks like it went through a batting practice before you got it, what is the point?
DRMALIKIA makes some valid points here. But its not just us as the consumer that should be considered, what about the vendor that ships the crappy looking hookah to the customer in the first place? When you buy a new car the dealer doesnt sell it to you dented and scratched or screwed up in some clearly visible way do they? What about the vendor? Do they just look at your order and grab a box and throw it in another box to ship? If so you cant tell me they shouldnt be at fault for also providing damaged goods.
You are paying them for a hookah that looks nice on their website, why should they send you something that is far uglier than you expected?
Blame should be equally pointed at the vendor not just the producer or the consumer.
my 2cents
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