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Hmm, my KM has some flaws but I barely notice them. I guess it all comes down to what is meant by 'quality'. If quality means that it smokes great (which virtually all KM's do), then I'd say they're top quality. But if 'quality' means the precision of the aesthetic pieces, well I don't think it's quite so simple.

Part of the artistic charm of the KM hookahs are the aesthetic flaws. Or, at least it is for me. If I was first concerned with it being perfect, I'd get something that was mass produced. But personally, I enjoy looking at and finding the imperfections. In a weird way, it sort of makes me feel connected to the person who made the flaws.

Perhaps that's not an entirely satisfying answer. That's alright. All I know is that I'm absolutely love my KM and not simply because of the hype surrounding them.
I agree, it's all part of what makes your particular KM unique. They all smoke amazingly well.
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