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Default Re: thinking about turning my garage into a smoke/chill zone

i was thinking of using the upstairs mostly for storage but if i built some stairs i might fix it up up there too.. thing is its ALWAYS hot of there.. like its pretty much whatever temp it is outside downstairs (so like 33 degrees now) and like 75 upstairs... but i'm thinking maybe replacing the ladder with a legit set of stairs..

and is the 20 dollars like monthly? because i don't think my parents would go for that.. and they'l probably dig a trench (thats what they did for myhouse, after they just laid it out on the ground for like a month lol)

i'm excited for this now.. up until now i've been kinda meh on inviting friends over.. now i'll be slightly less meh.. this is gonna be an exclusive thing or else EVERYONE in this small town is gonna wanna come over and party.. which i DO NOT WANT. too many rednecks and river rats and whatnot.. no offense.. they aren't the kind of people you want at your house.. even if it is a garage
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