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Default Re: Well it is handmade...

One of my favorite pipes is my mini-wheat Temsah. There are some huge and very visible soldering marks on the different sections of the pipe, but the stem is solid(to the extent that if I were smoking alone in a dimly lit section of the Fens I feel confident that I could use it in self defense) and the etchings on it are exactly what I was expecting and looking for. I did go into this knowing there were some very obvious soldering marks(thanks to KillerB's review video) so it was fair for me. If I received a pipe that had dents on the stem I would have been much more dismayed about this. Solder marks are much less irksome to me than dent's would be simply because the dents are a result of poor handling from the exporter(primarily) and could be avoided if the exporter were either more careful or more discerning with their quality control. I don't think I could fault the US vendor with these faults because for the large part these were not a result on their end and rather than marking them as dead assets they still have to turn a profit on their shipment. It sucks but we're on the very end of the stick of people who have to deal with these issues and although we already pay a premium for imported pipes, there would be another mark up if these rigs were discarded. I have yet to receive a pipe that wasn't to my standard so my experience is very limited.

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