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Default Re: Coco Nara Kilo = FAIL

Originally Posted by andally View Post
You can all laugh at this!! I just bought a bunch of coco nara coals... Cause everyone says they are better. I am used to using quick lights and I only have a gas stove which made it completely impossible to light them... So now I am stuck with a billion coals and no way to light them without going to by an electric heater... I know I am a noob... Haha. But still it was funny watching me try a million ways to light the coals... As I am sure you can all imagine... Hehehe...

This post is months old, so you probably won't get it, but I made the switch from Golden Coals (they came with my hookah and I am lazy) to Coco Naras with no problem.

I balance them on the grate of my gas stove, and turn it up to high, once they are red about halfway through (all the way up the edges and halfway up the coal at least, 4-5 minutes), I flip them over with tongs and carefully rebalance them on the grate, and after about a minute or two they're ready.

It makes a HUGE difference in the flavor of the smoke.
I hadn't smoked hookah in about two years when I bought my hookah, and it kept having a sour taste and making me feel sick, no matter how good the shisha I used (I was using Romman and Starbuzz in a phunnel), and as soon as I switched to Coco Naras the quality of my smoke did a complete 180.
You should give them another try.
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