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Default Re: Well it is handmade...

Originally Posted by Scarcity View Post
Extrapolation much? That's not even quality for the money spent.

Edit: It seems like a lot of the interpretation was that I expect an immaculate protect. I don't expect a perfect looking hookah or one that looks like all the others, I just prefer not seeing spot of melted solder on my hookah, mismatched band alignment. Hell there is even an incomplete design on mine. It is just frustrating to me that poor quality can be so easily justified by "hand made quality". Before I got into hookahs (ie before I was 18) I associated the term handmade with something that was made with precision, and as clean as humanly possible; basically top notch stuff with endearing imperfections. Flaws are to be expected as people cannot create objects with the same ability as a machine.
Another occurrence in this thread seems to be that I am looking for machine made products when really I have always preferred handmade quality. I just feel like the people at KM are sloppy, meaning they don't seem to have a concern whether or not they've made a mistake.
Argh I don't know I'm just ranting.
Lastly I hope you read that with a calm narration as I am not angry nor am I trying to project being hostile towards anyone.
In reality I am just disappointed.
I hear ya. But again, I think that you might've gotten the one in a hundred that have some flaws that people would consider unacceptable. All of the KM's in my circle of local smokers are near perfect. In an online forum like this one, I think that when people hear of imperfections, they probably explain them away as handmade because they can't actually see them. And, with all KM's having some imperfections, most of the people who got problem hookahs are just more 'okay' with it in the name of 'handmade art', when if fact what they got probably shouldn't have been shipped. I suspect that most of us have pipes that are close to perfect, but with a few imperfections. But there's always going to be a few and it could be that you got one of the ones that perhaps better quality control should have caught.

KM makes some really beautiful pipes. But it may be that as a company they have some not-so-great business practices. I don't really know.

What I do know, however, is that when I browse the hookahs on our different vendor's sites, I almost never see hookahs that I find as aesthetically impressive as the ones offered by KM. So, I think that's something to be considered too.
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