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Default Re: Well it is handmade...

I think it's all about ratio when it comes to the inperfections/carfting marks/individuality. Are a few tiny weld marks ok? Sure, there kind of like hookah birth marks. Is a loppy bowl a problem? Hmm not really, I guess I can get a new bowl. Is denting a problem? I mean I guess it still smokes ok heh... heh... heh? I've never heard of the electroplating problem that was brought up (but I also don't own every km on the planet) in this thread but for me personally, if I got a new hookah, that I paid a bill fifty for, on the trust that I would be sent something that looked almost exactly like it did in the tiny picture on the screen and got something with multiple problems I wouldn't be super happy about it. And yes, depending on how many "marks" I would even think of sending it back.
Some people wouldn't think of sending something back thinking that no matter how "diffrent" their hookah is, it's still theirs and they are completly right in that respect. But there are alot of folks that I believe want to buy a hookah that yes is individual, but is also without a good deal of smudges.
For me on a personal level some weld marks are good. It is a sign of hand crafting and you can see in any ring where antique items are sold, things that have craft marks can fetch large amounts of cash because they are in a sence, one of a kinds. But, as I said, if I got a hookah with dents, electro plating mistakes, weld marks, a craked base or any real combinatrion of those I would be less than excited. And it would reflect on more than just "oh some hookah crafter made this by hand" to "he must have had a long night cause this looks like it got droped right off the stable"

On a side note... do AF hookahs have any of these same problems that run with the km's, and what do you think is the reason when the two are put side by side in a pepsi challange the km wins 90% of the time.
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