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Default Re: which one should i purchase?

Originally Posted by jcfuwbs View Post
lol, i am only on at this hour because i work at night (like i'm doing now...have to do something to look busy and this is my favorite choice!)

90% of my friends have followed my lead and now smoke hookah... so instead of BYOB on the invitations it's BYOT (bring your own tobacco) lol, the alcohol is provided!

I'm actually thinking of hosting a so-cal hookah get together at my place for fun lol
lol i guess surfing can keep you looking busy. and yeah i dont mind bringing my hookah if people throw down for tobacco or supplies. And a so-cal meetup would be great, i'd love to go... if i was from cali lol. But im gonna stop flooding your thread with off topic conversation. If you're bored enough pm me if you want. since no one else seems be awake T-T
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