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Default Re: Need help picking my next hookah...

Originally Posted by SMoKEY_82 View Post
This haa all the features your looking for. I have one and it works great and is easily portable (comes with a nice portbale bag/box for travel) and cleanable!!

Also if you goto orders over a $100 get this baby for free!

heres the link
Although the mini myas are recommended, I would prefer something under 15 inches so that it can sit on my desk and I can still reach the coals. Also, I have enough for a new hookah, but not with a $100 order as well.

Originally Posted by Einherjer View Post
I own both the qt and bambino, and both are really great. Both are easy to set up and clean being common chambered, only difference is the bambinos center of gravity is high, so it tip when I use my razaan/narbish. The qt can handle a narbish, and razaan when I put the extra port on it. Either one is a win in my book
So the bambinos tip over but the QTs can handle the washable hoses? Well, add one point for the QT on my score sheet!

Originally Posted by LineUmUpToday View Post
anything KM or egyption hookahs are good as well...NEVER!!!! get a china hookah

I have a KM. I want something different. If I was looking at a generic chinese I would agree with you, but it is widely accepted that Myas are of high quality.

Originally Posted by laronde20 View Post
Get a Mozza. A really amazing Hookah. I am gonna get one to
The Mozza is like 29" tall. Under 15" for me, thanks.

Does anyone have any experience with the Gelato, Razo, Piccolo, Chic or Nou Nou? I really like the look of a couple of these but am worried about the hose port not accepting my Razan and whether I'd be able to use my Vortex. And does it matter if I get one that's only 12" tall? I know the smoke quality won't be like my 36" KM, but will it be cooled enough and all?
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