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Default Re: Well it is handmade...

Originally Posted by Scarcity View Post
It is just frustrating to me that poor quality can be so easily justified by "hand made quality". Before I got into hookahs (ie before I was 18) I associated the term handmade with something that was made with precision, and as clean as humanly possible; basically top notch stuff with endearing imperfections. Flaws are to be expected as people cannot create objects with the same ability as a machine.
Another occurrence in this thread seems to be that I am looking for machine made products when really I have always preferred handmade quality. I just feel like the people at KM are sloppy, meaning they don't seem to have a concern whether or not they've made a mistake.
Ferrari is hand crafted and that hand crafting expects a premium for quality. Ferrari's are perfection done at the hand of artists. By no means is KM a Ferrari but hand crafted in reference to KM means poor craftsmanship but "A good smoke". In essence, the hand crafted is complete BS because a machine could make the exact KM product and probably do it a lot better (maybe not cheaper however).

KM could take strides to improve but the only thing they are going to see is $$$ until we impact their bottom line, nothing will change. So until then, expect hand crafted to mean "looks like shit, smokes great".

Maybe I need to get into the Hookah business here. I could sell hookahs that look like recycled car parts but as long as it smokes great, people will pay $100+ for the product. I mean that is basically what some of you guys are saying, right?

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