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Default Re: Well it is handmade...

I have an AF pipe myself. I havent owned a KM yet. My af pip has one visual flaw and that is a very small line of solder on the heart of the hookah. Why its there, i have no idea. It just looks like the welder dropped it on it and didnt take it off and just left it there. Was i pissed about it? No i wasnt. I just delt with it. Was i surprised it was there for no reason. Hell yes I was. Does the pipe smoke well.. Yes it does. It smokes exceptionaly well and the pipe looks 99% perfect. I also paid a good amount less for the AF then i would have for the KM in the same size. The plating on the AF pipe is perfect as well, I clean it all the time and i have no problems with leaks or looks.

So if AF can make something that is 99% perfect, why cant KM?

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