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Originally Posted by AngriestPhx View Post
In the fridge? Interesting. Does it affect the flavor or overall quality of smoke after being stored in the fridge? Anybody else store DM in their fridge?
i havent noticied any differences in taste or quality after being in the fridge. I load a bowl and do my set up and by the time im ready to put the coals on, its warmed up a little and its not as cold as it was in the fridge so this could be the reason why. But note one thing, do not store it in the back of the fridge. In the cheaper refridgerators that are used for apartments etc the majority of the cold is towards the back of the fridge, maybe some of you have noticed that your bottle water or soda cans sometimes freeze at the very back of the fridge? I usually put it on the door cubby and it works fine.
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