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Default Re: Well it is handmade...

Okay, now excuse me if you will, this thread is mostly a lot of totally unqualified claims about KM hookahs. Good and bad. My personal KM is near perfect. All of my friend's KMs are near perfect. Every KM I've ever looked at in my local shop is near perfect. Or, at least no flaws that stood out enough for me to notice. And, in the shop, they're right out in the middle of the floor so you see them up close. It's not like they're 8 feet away behind a counter or something.

I would venture to guess that most KMs on this board are near perfect.

Is it possible that a few people have problem pipes, while the rest of pipes that are near perfect, but, for lack of actual physical comparison, both chock them up to 'hand made'? One would be legitimate, while the other ought to be sent back.

The point is, this is all a bunch of speculation. If KM really were making poor quality pipes, that looked like trash and smoked it too, then they wouldn't be recommended almost constantly. But, instead, the vast majority probably has excellent quality pipes deliver an excellent smoke. Therefore, the vast majority recommends them. Then unfortunately, the rest of the people who end up with poor quality pipes are unintentionally duped into believing the poor quality is thanks solely to the hand-made nature of the thing.

Instead of vilifying KM, understand that because they're hand made, there will be varying degrees of quality. Assess whether that quality meets your standard, and if it does, appreciate its uniqueness and if it doesn't, exchange it. I'd bet the one you get back is better.
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