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Default Re: Well it is handmade...

Originally Posted by bpetruzzo View Post
Okay, now excuse me if you will, this thread is mostly a lot of totally unqualified claims about KM hookahs. Good and bad. My personal KM is near perfect. All of my friend's KMs are near perfect. Every KM I've ever looked at in my local shop is near perfect. Or, at least no flaws that stood out enough for me to notice. And, in the shop, they're right out in the middle of the floor so you see them up close. It's not like they're 8 feet away behind a counter or something.
I challenge this logic. It's cold outside right now so global warming can't be happening, right? In fact I am willing to bet it will only get colder!
What I mean by this is that if you got a messy pipe, and all the ones surrounding you did too, would you still think this way? I understand what you mean though, I'm willing to guess there is a pretty decent amount of good pipes out there by KM that have a clean finish. My first hookah was an MZ and it was fantastic, the welds were nice and there wasn't a lot of excess solder.
I think Coyotero is right when he says that the quantity of production has an effect on KMs. I think that early on they were most likely pristine creations that many started to highly recommend and in a way, that made the quality fall.
Again don't interpret what I say with hostility, I'm chilin' pretty hard to make up for chilin' time I'll be missing at work
Edit: Also agree with what Ignited is saying, I'm willing to bet that the workers are just trying to make money.

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