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Originally Posted by Scarcity View Post
Different sugars will probably change the smoke color. Glycerin will probably give white clouds, while molasses will likely be more gray. I say likely and probably because I am not sure which ones do which. No clue on honey either.
@the topic of changing smoke colors: My initial thought of this would be adding food coloring to the tobacco. I do not know if this is dangerous or not though :X. As to the post about magnesium; that is crazy incorrect, if you've ever burnt magnesium then you'd know it burns white and so bright it can damage your eyes. Although if you'd like to know some colors of elements burning off the top of my head theres
Lithium is usually red, calcium orange, sodium yellow, copper blue, and forget green. Note that these are personal results with methane as the fuel for the flame.
I do not recommend consuming any of those elements, especially by inhaling.
The food coloring has been tested and proven to not change anything regarding color. There is no safe way to make smoke any color other than white. Tobacco already has a color that would transfer to the smoke if possible and there are many modern brands that are heavily colored with no effect.

Smoke by nature is mostly water vapor and water vapor is white because of the way it interacts with light. Changing the kind of sugar won't change anything because it's still vaporized water.

You are correct. The only way to change the color of smoke is with toxic substances. If there is a different color that means that there is a high concentration of some substance other than water vapor.

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