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Default Re: Well it is handmade...

Originally Posted by Coyotero View Post
The problem, as I have said before, is money.

Think of the amount of pipes that KM makes. They take the time to make each one by hand. Now, if you want a more polished product, you're going to increase the amount of time it takes to produce a single pipe, likely doubling it. Finish and polish is the most time consuming part of metalworking.

So, they could produce pipes that look perfect, but you'd be looking at pipes that cost twice as much and a much smaller portion of them on the market.
Yes money is the problem and they are sacrificing quality to get more money. I understand this is not produced in the United States, some poor bastard in a sweat shop, under the whip form his boss to get out 100 units a day, yada yada yada. Right now they are sacrificing product quality for mass production money. It is a world economy and world market so our dollar speaks just as loud as another countries. I personally would rather spend $200 dollars and have something that is high quality, well crafted, absolute minimal flaws. So they make fewer KM's, they are harder to get, but does that not make them more desirable? It would mean they do not sacrifice their principles, manufacturing, or skimp on their customers. Maybe think about it in this light, if they skimp on so many aspects of the stem, what else are they skimping on to save a buck and fatten their wallets? Lead based soldier? Toxic paint because it is cheaper? Makes you wonder.

Last I checked KM prices were not dropping because their quality was dropping. I run a business as I am sure a few of you do and with out quality service, product, widget or doodads, the customer will go buy from the other guy. Unless my next KM can be hand picked by the vendor and guaranteed not to have been used as someone's garden trowel, I will not be buying another one anytime soon. Even if it smokes great and makes sparks shoot out my ass, and gets my fiancee off from across the room! lol

Would that not be a great video, someone using their KM for choirs around the house? *SIGH* sorry.

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