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Default Re: Good Hookah Bars in Boston?

Originally Posted by CypherEnigma View Post
The 18+ scene is Boston is pretty lackluster seeing as Boston requires that most places with a liquor license are 21+ which drastically limited the options for the 18+s. If you feel like spending a mint you could snag a ticket to the Dropkick Murphys weekend St. Patty's day shows but it will cost you an arm and a leg and is hard to manage since you aren't in the city to pick them up. You can also check out the Middle East in Central Square for a cheaper alternative.
As for lounges Ariberns covered some of the better ones. Have a good time in the city.
Dude! Def. catch the Dropkicks... be sure to check Craigslist if ticketmaster is sold out. Someone might even meet you "night of" at the venue.

As for hookah bars Habibi's ( is really cool and "den of iniquity" esque but tends to be super packed later at night. Nile ( is litterally around the corner and a bit more "mod" or trendy. Both cost about $25 if you don't and any "extras" and serve AF as well as SB. Shisha lounge ( is a few blocks away, probably best as a cab ride but still only a few bucks, never been there but the reviews are pretty good.

Everything is pretty accessible by the T (subway/bus). Check out , it has a trip calculator on the front page. You just put in start and end address as well as start time and it will give you your mass transit travel plan!
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