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Originally Posted by flippy View Post
I was hoping for colored smoke as well, but I notice if I use bottled water If I am lazy my clouds are definitely whiter.
i would imagine that better quality water, ie not tap water, would make a difference. There isn't huge amounts, but there is always things that don't get filtered all the way when using tap water. For example, i have a friend who has the worst tap water because it gets sulfur in it because of local contaminates, and the water literally tastes like rotten eggs. Unknowingly i started drinking it once.. terrible.
I think that boiling water and freezing it is a bit time consuming though.. but i go through 24 packs of water bottles every couple days, so i imagine that water would probably work better and i doubt i would notice the deficit of a few bottles.
I have heard alot of people say on these forums that glcyerin is a major contributor to the amount of smoke, so i don't see why it wouldn't also make a difference in slight smoke color variations.
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