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Default Re: Worst Af flavour ever...

It really depends on personal taste, no one can tell me about batches, ive ranged from 2007-2010, they all tasted crap to me :/

I find 50gram flavour is not as nice as 1kg flavour, however they are full of stems :/.

The worst flavour of all times is GUMASTIC... please i DARE DARE, I REPEAT DARE any one to smoke that, its absolutely disgusting. We had a dare to smoke until we puked up, i won the contest but threw up chunks afterwards. Its the worst flavour al fakher has ever made.

Then there is,
-MixedFruit (what the hell happened to this flavour, it was once such a great flavour and now it tastes like ..poo)
-Lemon ( Not nice at all. its harsh and it leaves u with a sore throat, do not like it at all )
-Apple (Tastes like peanuts after it gets hot does not hold any resemblance to an apple)
-Melon ( omg its disgusting tastes like gone off milk)
- Cardaman ( ewww)
- Cafe Latte (ewwwwx2)
- Cappucino (EWWWWWWX2)
- Mango ( Seriously, the only thing mango about this was the box it came in)
- Jasmine ( KETCHUP LOL)
- Bubblegum ( Omg this tastes like the green kethcup LOL)
- watermelon ( Absolutely disgusting )
- Rose ( ERRR I HATE IT )

MOST of al fakher sucks, but when mixed it beats any other bran out there, personally. If any one has some mizo, hit me up :P or some starbuzz, romman, I want to try the premium brands
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