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Default Re: Well it is handmade...

Okay answer this then, Your poorly built km which smokes great for 6 months, what do you expect when u start washing it... It might die.. Then you have spent hundreds of dollars on a broken ass KM, Whats the point of vendors charging so much price for them then? cause they are hand made.

When i go to get a suite taylored from saville row, they dont charge 1000+ pounds for a suit that has stitches coming out, and sleeves not sowed on properly and the fitting to be off. Everything is perfect.

If km's are hand made then there should be a quality control. But then again this is egypt and as long as the american market continues to purchase their products at 400% profit margins then they don't care. There are factories in egypt. The machines make the tubings and the decorations are done by hand but most have a template that are created... so the real problem is that the staff that creat the patters and then add the designs by hand... they suck.

But what can i say, nothing would stop me from buying a km. I love mine. It smokes very good aswell. But god forbid one day the tip falls off or there is a leak I will be very pissed off cause i spent money. Regardless of price, I want my shisha to be worth the money i spend.

My original KM AMER, lasted me 2years and had no problems in build quality. I find the new kms do have some issues but i kind of expect it. The shishas are great
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