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Default Re: Well it is handmade...

Originally Posted by DRMALIKIA View Post
Try harder. That is a guess dude what figures do you have to back up that number? They do not have to make quality because people are buying their mass produced stuff right now. Hell, people are paying just as much now if not more for a lesser quality product then previously. Like I said before, if people keep buying them at this price and "settle" for the quality issues, they will keep making them that way until an equilibrium is reached between profit and customers going elsewhere. Here is a solution that can satisfy both worlds. They make one high end line where flaws and craftsmanship are important, and a low end line where it just smokes good? Satisfy both markets. That way I can spend $100,000 on my hookah and you can spend $100 on yours. lol

Obviously not everyone is having the same problem. If you look from my recent KM purchase, it was quiet beat up and others have mentioned the same issues. Missing plating, bad welds/soldiering, dents, general finishing issues, etc.

I must have a higher tolerance than you. Besides the dents, and maybe the weld toward the top, I'd say these imperfections are acceptable.
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