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Default Re: My First Order of Desi Murli

Originally Posted by thomas_j_smith View Post
I ordered my first Hookah1 DM order on March 2, 2010 and received e-mails from them right away, but they don't mention a tracking number. I've checked my order status on the website, and it still mentions "pending." I'm hoping he is busy mixing a fresh batch. Guess I'm just spoiled? My first two vendor orders were shipped out within 12 hours (kudos to Hookah John and HookahCompany! Took Hookah-Shish three days to ship)! I guess I'll shoot them an e-mail this AM, and call later today...
Hookah John and Hookah Company dont have to mix up a fresh batch when you order, you get whatever is on the shelf and whatever production date you get. DM is a different animal all together, you obviously have never had it before if you are complaining about having to wait for it to be made up fresh for your order.
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