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So i just got a hookah in the mail from ebay i bought for like $15. like 10". Its looks ok havent smoked from it or anything yet, gotta go to work. came with poke and puff bubblegum and starlight apple charcoal tabs. and i also have jewels strawberry i got for free from somewhere a while back. Anyway i dont have much money to spend on a hookah and this one is going to be my one im going to use for just me and my fiance. I'm looking for another hookah to use for kinda a party setting but me max of like 4 people. again dont have much money like at most $40-$50. so if you can help me find one thats better than the one i found that'd be much appriciated. Ebay hookah

that is the one im thinking of getting for a more than 2 person hookah. If anything better lemme know.

Also another is the shisha. so far a local shop i found sells al awar(i think thats right) for $7 for 50g which is kinda expensive. anyone know a cheaper way? also looking for a cheaper way to get tobacco-less i have friends that wanna smoke but dont want to use tobacco.

oh and coals i can get for like $4 for 10 quick light. if there is cheaper online would also like to know.

thanks in advance

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