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Default First Hookah/First thread

Bare with me hear,
So i ordered a mya bambino and got all the freebies which include 2 50gs of romman shisha (peach/ivory coast(pinapple-grapefruit)) ahmm also some three king coals which are quik light i believe it also came with tongs and a few more missalaneous items.

In addition i ordered a heba diffuser and the combo bowl w/ wind cover. and another 50gs of peach sheesha and A washable Namoor hose.
All in all i ordered the extra stuff b/c if you spend 100$ or greater you get a free mya 2 hose 18 inch hookah which retails for like 40 bucks. At

I know a little about hookahs and watched sambookahs basic how to video along with a couple others.
I know the mya bambino is a one hoser which is great for me cause its just me and my gf usually 7 days a week

Sorry for the novel i guess im just curious if htere any tips and pointers u guys and gals might be able to offer, Also i was wondering if i got a good deal it also came with a sweet carrying case thats not a birdcage. My orders not here yet expexting it this coming tuesday though. As i said sorry to bore you more expierenced hookah pros just wanting some good feed back on my particular hookah and my novice. I used to smoke cigs and ive been on a roller coaster ever since i quit i use snus all throughout the day in place of cigs but i still love a throat hit and some smoke when i drink. plus i tried the electronic cig which just winded up being to costly and unreliable and now i indulge in some good drew estates cigars however im hoping this hookah is going to be the creme of the crop for my nicotine junkie addiction. Thanks. I hope im smiling like this on tuesday (emoticon)
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