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Default First Hookah, First set up

So I got my hookah on Tuesday but had to wait til today for the coals to come in. Last night I couldn't wait any longer. I went out to a local hookah shop and picked up some AF Natural coals. I got home and started to assemble everything. MYA QT, Vortex Bowl, Nakhla DA, Narbish hose, and these AF Coals... well... I think they were coals, some of them looked like tree bark and twigs. I put them on my burner to light, kept them on there til they ashed over and placed them on my bowl. 15mins later I'm barely getting any smoke. I realized that my coals had burned out. so I made more. about 30mins later the coals were out... I decided to start over and this time I put 3 of the biggest pieces of coals I could find in the bag. started smoking and this session was WAY better though the coals went out about 30mins later... I learned my lesson that patience is a virtue lol. My CH Nat coals came in today so I'll try those out. Thinking of smoking Lemon Mint or Cherry tonight, gotta wait for the gf to come home. I'll let you know how it goes!
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