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Im in the Oklahoma city area. I know of only like one local shop called fatt heds that ive been to once. If there is any other local shops please let me know. But i was at work this whole time and then once i got off went and attempted my first smoke with the hookah. Complete Failure. i didnt have any aluminum foil and everything is closed near by. So we just decided to try the poke and puff bubble gum. so i poked alot of holes on the top of it and went fully threw it put in bowl(which it didnt really fit very well at all). got my starlight apple coal, lit it till it was white all around. and put it on top of it and waited 5 minutes. took a puff nothing. every minute or so kept taking a puff but none to hardly any smoke. move the coal around for a little bit different areas. still hardly and smoke. after about 30 minutes i guess i found a good spot or something and finally got some decent clouds. but that only lasted for like 10 minutes then went back to nothing. i think after that 10 minutes i got possible one or 2 minutes of ok clouds and then nothing again until about an hour and 15 minutes into it and the coal was to small to do anything so i gave up. So im guessing its the coals fault i dont really know. or it could possible be both the poke and puff and the coals fault since the poke and puff didnt fit very well and was not even with the top of the bowl at all. so im guessing it was just those to and tomorrow im just going to use the jewels strawberry and see how that works out.
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