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Default Re: Biggest Hookah disaster ever!!! Topper and LONG srry

So I wanted to write about my Hookah experience. I am new to Hookahing and just go started. I ordered a KM Heart of the Lion and it was beautiful. I ordered it from and I got good customer service from them. I would order from them again. Anyways I got it a week ago and smoked it for the first time. All I can say is it was glorious; I loved every minute of it and want to do it again. It was very relaxing and wonderful to sit there and just chill out. Everything went right, down to one of my favorite movies The Road Warrior being on TV. I had relatives in last Saturday so I couldnít smoke then and had to wait until Sunday. So Sunday night finally arrives and I pack up my vortex bowel and get ready for a session. I light my coals on my 9 dollar wall-greens hot plate that works very well. I set everything up and begin to smoke. I took about three puffs and I bumped the hookah some how. All I know is that there are 3 hot coals falling on me. One lands in my lap, which I pick up bare handed and throw in my glass of soda. One falls on the floor burning a nice square hole in the carpet and the last one I canít find. So there I am burnt hand looking for this piece of coal. I look down and my recliner is smoking. The last coal fell into the cushions of my lazy-boy and itís on fire. I have no choice and I reach in with my until then unburnt hand and pull it out dumping it into my all ready ruined soda.

It then dawns on me my feet are wet. I look down and see my hookah laying on the ground the base is shattered. In the commotion I must have knocked it over. So there I am two soakers, two burnt hands and a mess to clean up. All this happened on my birthday to top it all off. Well there is a happy ending I ordered a new base and another new hookah.
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