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Default Re: Cant get the Blue Mist taste out of me Hubbly Bubbly

Originally Posted by alanpeterson68 View Post
Question 1. Ahh this was some useful information to me. Can I use warm water/lemon juice to clean out my hose or what's the best way to do that?

Question 2. A bowl of Zaghloul will really kill the ghosting flavor?
Hot Water
Lemon Juice
White Vinegar
Baking Soda

I soak it in both vinegar and lemon juice to start off with and then coat my brushes with baking soda. Ram the brushes into the various parts and let the acid-base reaction neutralization occur.

Hoses I find are the worst for ghosting especially with star buzz. I find a little lemon juice and vinegar diluted in water, pour it into the hose with the tips pointing up, and hang it on a cupboard door or something over night. That soaking over night cleans it right out, then just make sure you rinse it really good with warm water and then hang it upside down to dry.
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