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Default Re: Buying a hookah today

Originally Posted by Oceana View Post
how come CA is cheaper?
and i'm new at this so how do i put the icewater in there?
do i put icecubes in there or just put really cold water in it lol.
i feel like a retard.
HJ has a 17% discount code right now. The prices I listed were rough estimates with the 17% off.

It's more expensive IN California, because john is shipping from California. I believe there's a required tax inside the state of sale (john or someone correct me if I'm incorrect). It's almost $15 extra for the hookah I showed you. If you're ordering from out of the state of California, you can save your self some cash.

The stem comes off the base, you put ice and water in the base, then put the stem back on.

Honestly, it seems like you're just starting hookah. Maybe you should buy something much cheaper price wise. Just in case you don't like it. IMHO it's much different having a hookah then going to hookah bars. More work involved. It's your choice though, anything KM is pretty much top of the line.

If you insist in KM, perhaps you should go with a cheaper one like a KM Americana Mini from Both john from ********** and alvin from Hookahstore are simply fantastic vendors. Can't go wrong with either one. Choose something you like, because ultimately its your hookah and your money.
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