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Default amount of coals?

so i bought my first hookah the other day (an unknwon brand two hose, probably chinese made) for 60$ with some jewels mixed fruit and a roll of 33m 3 kings quick lites.

now after realizing that jewels is about as good as ripped up paper towels, i went out and picked up 50g's of fantasia purple haze, and 50g's of raspberry lemonade.

me and a friend went outside and i packed the bowl (only my 3rd time) fairly light and didnt pack hard, didnt poke super big holes or anything, the base had crushed ice and water (stem was about 3/4 inch into the water) yet even with a fairly light draw and allright flavor i didnt seem to be getting large clouds or very thick clouds? any tips to help thicken them up or make them larger? upgrades that are necessary are appreciated, i think a vortex bowl or a hose will be next. i also need to know how many of those coals to use, i only used one since i thought they looked kind of large. i also picked up one kilo box of exoticas and wondered about how many of those to use? i have heard 2 but i wanted to double check with the pro's

thanks in advance guys and gals, happy smokin'
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