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Default Newish hookah user can't get smoke down :( please help.

Hey everyone after searching over youtube and the web trying trying to learn the ways of hookahing I just can't seem to get it down and thought i would start on the forums so any help at all would be so great!

I bought my first hookah a couple months back from a smoke shop in town that my step sister bought from. I decided to go big and grab a large hookah they had a small selection but i didnt think much about it and got a 26' hookah. It has a red base that is circle and building up in a triangle. I havent seen these bases online so im skeptical about them. I bought the shisha the store had which was Al-Waha which after research i believe is not the greatest of brands. The taste was allright but i didnt know much about hookahs. Its has 3 hose ports and came with 3 really basic rubber and metal tip hoses. The stem screws on to the base which i hears was great for sealing smoke and the hose ports are ball bearing so if you arent smoking from one no smoke can escape. These things made me happy and think that it was a great deal. The bowl comes in two parts the small starting part with a tiny bowl but comes with a circular ring that just kinda fits on top and makes the bowl bigger, i havent seen any bowls like this as well and wasnt sure about it. It came with a screen and ive switched back in forth between screens and aluminum foil and saw no real noticeable difference in smoke. I use basic quick light golden coals and usually use two. ive done 3 once or twice but believe that is too much heat and heard to stick with 1-2. Ive read and watched countless videos on how to set up hookahs tips tricks etc. I know to pack the shisha light, don't let it overflow over the bowl, rotate the boals. keep the stem submerged in the base 1-2 inches in the water. ive tried ice. Nothing i seem to do makes good smoke. The result i get for smoke is very very little and not thick or pure white at all. No matter how long the hit is the amount is so small and im not sure why it upsets my greatly Ive checked i have no leaks everything is sealed nice and tight i have my two gromets on tight and correctly. I thought it was crappy shisha because people said that was the main component for smoke amount and thickness. I recently bought some Romman shisha from a different smoke shop knowing it was alot higher quality and it made absolutly no difference. Taste was alot better but smoke level still bad. I dont know if its my weird bowl or what at this point i think i want to sell my hookah and start over fresh. So any input would be so appreciated, anything i can do to change my smoke levels now? If not please what type of hookahs have great smoke levels, along with shisha bowls anything,

Thanks guys i know this post is long but please take the time ill come back and check if you ask questions.
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