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Default Sahara Stems

So i have been wanting to try some HH flavors, as well as HF so i decided to go to their site.
Long story short i stumbled over the custom hookah section, which is something i looked at a long time ago but forgot about. I really like this one:
I have been wanting to buy a 3/4 hose hookah for big get togethers, which happen especially when my high school buddies come back from college over the weekend or on breaks. I really want a gold stem hookah, with 3-4 hose ports which this one has the option of. Thing is, because i have never owned a sahara stem, i have a few questions. Does it still have a purge if you have the 4 hose version? On my Myas i have to give up the purge for another port. The other thing is, is it autoseal? These are not deal breakers by any means, i just can't tell from the site/pictures.
Thanks in advance.. Memories
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