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Default Re: Newish hookah user can't get smoke down :( please help.

thanks alot guys! just those few comments seem to make sense there was a time when i got some pretty good smoke and it was in my gf's tiny room where it was quite hot and im sure that just cooked it nice and good. Everytime i smoke it its a cold room or windows are open, i also didnt know wind covers helped with heat i thought they were just for smoking outside, but as far as my hookah goes do you think upgrading would be worth it at all? my base look 99% like this except for the lip around the top

I couldnt find a picture of my bowl but as far as upgrading. Ive heard alot of good things about KM's the smoke they draw and how effortless and sexy those hoses are. Another smoke shop near by had a a few that looked just like this

I thought they looked super sexy as well and thought it would be a nice upgrade. Any noticable smoke differences with a vase like that compared to a KM?? Also what about bowls, the regular modern ones, funnel, vortex?? Any more feedback would be great guys thankyou much
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