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Originally Posted by faeriekitsune View Post
I have to argue with one point others are making, and agree with another.

HH and HF are not that crappy. They are good shishas on many flavors with the occasional bad flavor just like every other brand. It comes down to personal preference. I, for one, like HH and HF.

Sahara Smoke hookahs on the other hand are known for stem problems. My Sahara Smoke is retired after only a year of service because something in the alloy covering or something like that is causing a white corrosion that makes using it nasty. There's no rust, but the covering is peeling off, and there is white corrosion dust/crystals all over the inside of the hookah. Because of the white crap, I consider it unusable.
Thanks Faeriekitsune,
I think that HH and HF get a bad wrap, especially on this forum. HH is a consistent tobacco which is a hell of a lot more than I can say about AF and HH has had some interesting flavors so I would most certainly not write off the whole brand. It is a bit more temperamental than tobaccos like AF and SB because it isn't covered in a glycerin based sludge. It still is a modern brand and has its fair share of juice but when mixed properly it doesn't even come close to the consistency of AF. It won't last for a marathon session but its well worth a try. I hope you enjoy your tobacco if you decide to order it.

Originally Posted by A Penguin489 View Post
just wondering if by unusable you mean it hinders the taste, or is just unpleasing to look at?
In general its a bad idea to smoke out of a rusted rig for potential health risks. Many people have also started threads about a "funny" taste which often leads to them finding out there is rust in their stem. It can affect the taste but it also a potential health risk compared to a clean functioning stem. I personally think a rusted hose is a greater health hazard than a stem, but either is still not ideal so it is best to avoid the whole situation all together. Sahara Smoke makes some good options as far as glass though so these are still a good option if you're looking for something different.

Lastly I would recommend against a multi-hosed rig simple because they're more hassle than they're worth and invite a host of problems with draw, tangling, and tipping. If you must get a multi-hosed rig I would recommend getting a stem that has a traditional chamber so you can still have the ability to purge and a good draw with the minimum of problems that these rigs create. Although if you do decide on one of these rigs be aware that without the "auto-seal" feature you will have to plug the end of the hose while not in use.

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