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Default Re: Newish hookah user can't get smoke down :( please help.

so i made my nice ghetto aluminum foil windcover tonight and tried that it helped alot. and the smoke was about twice as thick and before but still lacks alot of thinkness and amount as to what ive seen. I used two golden quick light coals again with two layers of foil around the bowl and it was great at the start the smoke got harsh after about 10 mins though so i purge some smoke out and took off the cover which made the smoke nice and clean and less harsh although my smoke levels faded quickly and i went on and off with the windcover a couple times but it only last 20-25 mins max before it was just not really fun or worth it anymore. Still guys any feedback i would love the help has been nothing but great.

any words of better hookahs would be good too. Still got my eyes on a KM or one of the sexy bases from Saharasmoke
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