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Default a THOUGHT ON certain local lounges....please share..


A new "Hookah Lounge" has opened in my town.

I figured "ok, a college town a new lounge w/e" but I went to check it out anyway today.

Honestly, If ALL young people ran their businesses like this one, I'd shoot myself for not opening a lounge and taking all their money.

I walked in with my brother (yes, we looked like ATF but still) I walked to the counter where some anorexic girl stood their with a menu, asking me what I wanted. I responded "I am just checking the place out, it's new right?" She said "yes."

When she found out I was not purchasing one of their VERY EXPENSIVE (20.00 for starbuzz) Hookah sessions, she seemed indifferent and ignored me. Another male employee (mid 20's) walked by me and said in a very college age way "SUP BRO?" I responded "not much" and proceeded to ask "what kinds of tobacco do you serve here?" He said just Starbuzz and some Layalina" and continued on his own ventures w/e those were.

I asked if they had a business card and got a no answer but was offered a "menu" of hookah flavours and "food" which consisted of ALOT of items that no one that worked their seemed capable of making, thus THEY WERE PROBABLY FROZEN/CANNED/FRIED.

As I watched these seemingly uneducated "children" run this place, and listened to music that im sure none of them could speak the native language of, I left in disgust.

I know that hookah lounges are GREAT business opportunities BUT I was very disappointed by this one and was almost disturbed.

Never agiain will I go back.

How many of you have felt the lurch in your stomachs from the way your local lounges are run?
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