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Default Re: a THOUGHT ON certain local lounges....please share..

Originally Posted by EssamHelmy View Post
Been there my self lol. I used to live in Denton,TX and I used to go to this place called Nathalie's hookah lounge right after school to get some smoke. The guy that I ordered my hookah from was as clueless as a tree branch. He was a typical douche, didn't know what I was talking about half the time, the hookah he setup tasted like feet. So at that point I talked with Emad "the owner" he was really cool about it and he setup a hookah for both me and himself and smoked together. I have been to A LOT of hookah lounges in my day so I know what to expect when I walk into a hookah lounge. Hopefully those people you dealt with will get the idea of how a lounge should operate otherwise they will fail miserably.
I totally agree. Customer service is a lost art.

I have been to Natalie's and was equally disappointed. Shallow pillows on the ground (UNCOMFORTABLE) and shitty hookah sessions ruined it for me. $$$$$ is causing these entrepreneurs to lose focus I guess.

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