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Default Re: a THOUGHT ON certain local lounges....please share..

I've been to each one here in town and I was HIGHLY unimpressed with two of them. One of them it was obvious the guy didn't care about ages. He didn't card and I remember a couple of times kids saying they couldn't believe they were there and they were only 15. That place has been hit by cops so much because of this from what I understand. The owner at least had a variety of brands and prices for a relatively decent price. But overall VERY unsatisfied.

The other is pure crap. If I have to I would say it is like the OP's experience. Walking in it even smelled bad. It was basically a standard bar but only with hookahs. Pool tables with burn marks all over, crappy chairs and just loud and obnoxious. Apparently there is another 20 minutes away, but I won't give it the light of day.

The other two I found to be more pleasant. One was more focused on a relaxed environment, comfy seating, calm arabic music playing and good prices. I have visited it a lot since it opened last year and I was impressed each time. The owner knows what he is doing and even knows how to take care of all the hobos that came in from time to time.

The last one though was by far the best in my book. It was more focused on a college student style. Modern seating, modern music, a theater room with a 106' projector and a dvd player and 360 hooked up. But I'll be damned if they don't know their stuff. They don't go by brands and prices. It's all set at a good price and they use only the best tobacco they can find. They use some layalina, SB, and even AF. Being college students themselves they know how to run the place and will be willing to help if necessary should you go in asking questions. My first and best hookah bar experience and I go there weekly.

So basically mostly crap but you have to sift through the crap to get to the gold right?
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